Even I Qualify!

Read Psalm 150

As a result of limited musical ability, people like me can zoom right through Psalm 150 and almost conclude, “That one’s not for me!” About eight different musical instruments are mentioned here. Their use is encouraged…even commanded! Meanwhile, there are people like me for whom the ability to play music doesn’t reach much beyond pushing “play” on a CD player!

Fortunately, this psalm is about more than playing a musical instrument! Even though a whole orchestra pit full of instruments seems to be named, the larger focus…the one mentioned some thirteen times…the one I can do…is that of praising the Lord! “Praise the Lord!” That invitation serves as the initial call to worship and the final closing command of these six verses. Sandwiched between that first call and its corresponding echo are further instructions about what that should look like.

Praise Him in…His sanctuary / His heavens (v. 1). These words do not point out our options for where we can be when we praise Him. Praise should be on our lips always (Ps. 34:1) and everywhere. The words “sanctuary” and “heavens” serve, instead, to remind us of God’s exalted position.

Praise Him for…His powerful acts and surpassing greatness (v. 2). God’s divine and powerful intervention in this world and in our personal lives is worthy of praise. From the creation of the world to the miracle of Christ’s resurrection to the wonder of love between a husband and wife, His power defies description but merits our tribute.

Praise Him with…(vv. 3-5) Though many of us cannot play the instruments, we can allow the live band, orchestra, choir, or congregational singing to help us express praise to Him! There is nothing wrong with the use of an iPod, CD, or car radio that encourages us and enables us to praise the Lord!

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” (v. 6) I am still breathing, so I qualify and so do you! God has ordained it from the lips of children and infants. Praise was so important at the time of the Triumphal Entry that, if humans didn’t praise Him, lifeless rocks would have! May His praise, however, come from us today!


About sbk

I am a follower of Jesus. I've been blessed with 31 years of marriage to my best friend, Celeste. We have two adult sons, two daughters-in-law, a daughter in high school, and a grandson. I am part of an awesome family of God: Grace Church in Wooster, Ohio. www.woostergrace.org
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