February 27: The Kingdom of Heaven

Read Matthew 13:1-58

Everybody loves a story and there is something about analogies that helps listeners to grasp the comparison.

That statement is not completely true in the teaching ministry of Jesus.  While His listeners may have loved the stories and even become more attentive when He used the parables, their use did not improve understanding for everyone.  In fact, He warned the disciples that these stories would unveil the secrets of the kingdom of heaven to some, while preserving them as mysteries for others.  Not everyone would “get it.”

But what about His followers?  Well, clearly Jesus wanted them to understand.  And particularly in this chapter, with the use of these stories, it was His intention that those of us who follow Him might especially grasp some truths about the kingdom of heaven.  This “kingdom” is really God’s reign as King over all things and all people.  It is a reign that for now is real but less visible because He is in heaven.  But one day that dominion will be visibly expressed as He visibly reigns in a new heaven and new earth.  Unfortunately, not everyone surrenders to His rule…and not everyone understands.

What, then, did Jesus want to say to us in Matthew 13 about this kingdom?  Here’s a quick summary.  Don’t miss out on the personal challenges included there.



Main Point



We must hear, understand, and cling to the teaching of Christ.

13:24-30, 36-43


The day is coming when followers of Christ will be gathered into eternal glory while those who reject Him will be cast into eternal punishment.

13:31, 32

Mustard Seed

The kingdom of heaven was initially small but is growing…even including Gentiles.



The influence of the kingdom of heaven permeates the world.


Hidden Treasure

The kingdom…though hidden to some…is worth sacrificing all for.

13:45, 46

Pearl of Great Value

The kingdom…though hidden to some…is worth sacrificing all for.



There are people who would claim to be part of the kingdom who will be separated out at the end of the age.


About sbk

I am a follower of Jesus. I've been blessed with 31 years of marriage to my best friend, Celeste. We have two adult sons, two daughters-in-law, a daughter in high school, and a grandson. I am part of an awesome family of God: Grace Church in Wooster, Ohio. www.woostergrace.org
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