November 11: Dont. Ever. Forget.

Read 2 Peter 3:10-18

Peter knew the dire consequences of letting his guard down. Did he write from experience when he told the believers of his day to keep growing, to stay firm, to stay on your guard? I have to wonder if Peter felt so strongly about growing in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ because he knew firsthand what happens when you let that faith grow even a little bit lukewarm. He knew what could happen when he himself let his guard down that night before the rooster crowed.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (v18).

The certainty with which Peter writes these letters astounds me. This fisherman turned man-fisher was himself a testimony to the transforming power of Almighty God. He had learned some things about resting on his laurels regarding his side of the relationship with Jesus Christ. He knew what it was like to get lazy in his faith. And he knew the grave consequences of such laziness. The shame he lived with those few days between his “No I don’t know him” and Jesus’, “Peter, feed my sheep.” Yes, Peter had been given a direct charge from God Himself regarding His people. “Feed my lambs.” Take care of my sheep. Feed my sheep.”

And that gut-wrenching question Jesus asked post-cross “Peter, do you love me?” Peter knew all too well what it felt like to have to answer that question with words. To have the Lord of his life, his very best friend, ask those four words in earnest and not just assume the positive answer. Of course, I love you, Lord! Peter would say. And, Jesus, in His all-knowing, full-of-grace gentleness gave Peter direction full of forgiveness and grace for how to go on now.  Now that Jesus had rendered sin and shame powerless.

Certainly, that was not lost on Peter as he wrote these letters to his fellow Christ-followers. Keep growing. Keep at it. This grace you’ve been given, don’t forget its amazing. Don’t lose its incredible. Keep it at the forefront. And don’t. Ever. Forget. Don’t even for a second think that God has forgotten or that He will not follow through on His promise. Don’t let the long wait for His return fool you into thinking it won’t happen. Rather, live holy. Keep growing.

The message is for us, just as clearly as it was for the believers of Peter’s day. Keep growing in this grace. Keep knowing Him more, seeking Him fully. And don’t. Ever. Forget. The promise is for us, too.