December 28: Birthday!

Read Luke 2:1-20

“The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.” Luke 2:20

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Presents were opened and some have been returned. The wrapping paper is all thrown away. Guests have come and gone. Soon the decorations will be packed up for another year. Maybe you attended a church service or two, watched “It’s a Wonderful Life “ or “A Christmas Story” on TV. Spent too much, ate too much, and lost some sleep.

Now what?

How has this Christmas changed your life? Or will you go back to your same old life, doing the same old things?

From our story we find that is not true of the shepherds. Sure they returned to their fields, but they were changed by the events of that night. They went away, glorifying and praising God! They had had a pretty spectacular night, being visited by angels and all, but it seems like it was more than that. They had heard all their lives of the coming of the Messiah. They knew the significance of that event. A savior was born one who would lead them back to a fellowship with God that had been missing ever since that fateful day in the Garden of Eden.

Without Christ there is no salvation. Without Christ there is no redemption. Without Christ there is no hope for eternal life. God in heaven, on that night, had reached down to us, to bring us back to fellowship with Him. He didn’t NEED to do that but ,because He loves us , He WANTED to. Now that is something to celebrate! Let’s join the shepherds glorifying and praising God for what He did for US that night..

Questions and Activities:

  1. For each decoration or bulb you take off of the tree say a special thanks to God for something he has done for you.
  2. As a family, have a special time of singing your favorite Christmas carols.
  3. Share Luke 2:1-20 with someone.
  4. Cut out, color, and display today’s ornament.


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