May 31: Affirmation…”Well Done”

Read Luke 19:11-27

Parables…Jesus used these great earthly stories to illustrate spiritual truths.  He used a story about soils to depict the response of human hearts. He talked about a shepherd’s joy in finding lost sheep to portray His own passion for touching the lives of lost people.  And, in Luke 19, he tells a story of a king, his subjects, and his servants to illustrate His own reign in His kingdom.

When will Jesus reign in a kingdom?  Although He was opposed in the first century, many people then thought His reign would begin immediately.  Instead, He returned to heaven where His final appointment as King is being done.  In the meantime, He has entrusted His people with resources and responsibility.  Upon His return, there will be accountability.  He will see what we have done with those things entrusted to us.  He will reward His servants in accordance with their faithful stewardship.

“Well done!”  Those two powerful words were spoken to the man who had made use of the mina he received and multiplied it ten times over for the king.  Certainly, those words of affirmation reflect the response longed for by every child of God.  But those words are not empty, meaningless, and extended to all.  They are offered to the faithful.

Meanwhile, lest we conclude that the Father’s pleasure is reserved only for the Billy Graham type of over the top fruitful people, notice that even the five-fold return was rewarded.  And we also hear something of significance as the king spoke to the man who had done absolutely nothing with his mina.  The king would have had some level of pleasure with even simple interest on his investment.

I hope that you yearn for the affirmation of your King.  I hope that you try to leverage your resources and responsibilities as fruitfully as you possibly can to His pleasure.  Even if your measurable fruitfulness is not as visible as that of another, He can find great joy in you.