June 9: Peak Times for Availability

Read Deuteronomy 6:1-25

It had been 4 decades of wandering, 40 years of anticipation, more than 14,000 days of walking, waiting, and watching.  Finally, the people of God were just a river’s width away from the land God had promised them.  In spite of the years of preparation, still there was much to do…or rather much to say.  Deuteronomy represented Moses’ last instruction before they would cross the river and his own final words before he would die.

If they heeded Moses’ words, they could expect

  • Generational faithfulness (v. 2a)
  • Longevity (v. 2b)
  • Ease of living (v.3a)
  • National growth (v. 3b)

But the starting point for all of those appealing benefits were individuals and families.  Individuals were to personally love God with pervasive devotion.  And then, they were to share the truths of God in the natural ebb and flow of life.  This biblical teaching was to be impressed on, talked about, tied to, and written on…  In other words, find every possible way you can to communicate it to those around you.

Not only was it to be communicated in every possible way, but it was also to be communicated in every possible timeframe.  That requires availability.  The specific times referenced in this passage represent critical timeframes of family life.  Ones that you can capitalize on for family connection and instruction.  Do you take advantage of them?  Do you seek to be available at these important times?

“When you sit at home…” Meal times can be a valuable time to get the family together.  Do you try to aim for one meal a day or on several days out of the week when everyone is at the table?

“When you walk along the road…”  Travel time brings together a captive audience in close proximity.  With modern technology, this can be a time where every family member is doing his/her own thing with a cell phone, iPod, and earbuds.  Or you could take a few minutes of technology break for meaningful conversation.

“When you lie down and when you get up…”  Morning time and bed time also represent critical connection time for you…especially with young children.  You can develop important routines that include Bible stories and prayer.

Bottom line, your availability, particularly at critical times of family life is important!