June 10: Available for Family

Read Matthew 19:13-15

Jesus is the Son of God, Creator of the universe, and the One who holds all things together.  As if that isn’t important enough, He stepped into the very world He created through the incarnation.  And during His earthly ministry, He taught and performed miracles.  He both gathered quite a following and created quite a stir.

People with even a fraction of His stature today would have a security force protecting them and booking agents limiting and capitalizing on their public appearances.  Not so with the Christ.  If He was anything, He was available to people…free of charge.

  • While the disciples wanted to chase away parents and their small children, Jesus said, “Let them come!”  (Matt. 19)
  • While others saw the Twelve as insignificant and unlearned men, Jesus intentionally chose to spend time with them (Mk. 3).
  • While the Pharisees complained about the way He spent time with those of reputation, He said, “You should be celebrating this!”  (Lk. 15)
  • While some tried to quiet a blind man calling out for help, Jesus turned and healed the man (Lk. 18).
  • While most Jews would have taken a detour around Samaria, Jesus passed through the region, reaching out to a woman in need of hope (Jn. 4).
  • In the end, Jesus was even available to a woman who reached out in desperate need of healing and touched His cloak (Matt. 9).

That same availability that Jesus demonstrated is something that you, as His follower, should also reflect.  Granted, you are likely a busy person with important responsibilities.  And, it is possibly true that there is neither enough of you nor enough time in a day allowing you to be available to every person for every need.  But make sure you are available for your family!  Make sure that your spouse receives your focused attention.  Give to your parents the honor that is due them.  Your children need face time with you.  And, beyond that, other relatives that are your own flesh and blood are deserving of your time.

Paul uses strong language to describe those who are not available to their families:  “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”  (1 Tim. 5:8)  Ouch!

Family, here I am!