June 16: Man Card Accountability

Read Psalm 15:1-5

Ladies, hang with me for the next few lines.  Guys, pay attention.

Man Card.  I got mine last fall.  Do you know what I had to do to get it?

  • I shot (and made) a three-pointer in basketball.
  • I threw an axe and made it stick into a tree.
  • I ate a jalapeno pepper whole.
  • I threw a football through a tire swing.
  • I ran a mile without a shirt at temperatures below 40 degrees.  (OK, don’t try to picture that one!)

In the end, I received a man card.

Of course, just as there were things I did that allowed me to earn my man card, so too there are things I do that can threaten my man card…things like eating at the Pine Tree Barn or being seen in Bath and Body Works.

The man card experience I described above was all part of a ministry from our church called “Fight Club.”  But while we had fun doing some things that were “manly,” Fight Club, more importantly, drives home some more important biblical traits of the godly man.  Men, on this day when we are celebrated, do you understand that true manhood is more than your ability to perform a few activities that our culture has defined as the true test of testosterone?

Both the word of God and Fight Club point us clearly to things like a deep and sensitive commitment to our families, a life of godly integrity, and a passionate devotion to Jesus Christ and His purposes.  You may feel decent about one or more of those areas.  I hope so!

But, let’s face it, no matter where we are, there is room for growth in all of those areas.  And if we are to grow, most of us need another important biblical fixture in our lives…accountability.  Most of us don’t stretch beyond our current position unless we go on record that we want to.  We often don’t move unless someone else knows about our complacent past and our godly goals.  We benefit from someone asking the hard questions…from someone admonishing us when we blow it…and cheering for us when we get it right.

We need accountability!

By the way, the next chapter of Fight Club will start in the fall.  I hope you don’t wait for it to get started, but I also hope you join us!