June 23: Parable of the Talents

Read Matthew 25:14-30

One of Christ’s favorite teaching methods included the use of parables.  Simply put, a parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.  A parable is an everyday tale with everlasting overtones.  Jesus used them to illustrate his points, allowing some to better understand.  Meanwhile, others were further blinded (Matthew 13:10-17).  Over the course of the next several weeks, we will examine some of the parables of Jesus in our daily reading.

The kingdom of heaven is the particular focal point of today’s parable (cf. vv. 14 and 1).  This is the kingdom we pray for when we express the sentiments of the Lord’s Prayer (“Thy kingdom come…).  Both words “kingdom” and “heaven” are significant.  Do not lose sight of the fact that followers of Christ are not only destined for heaven.  We are also subjects in a kingdom.  It is a kingdom that is real, one that is coming, and one in which there is a King who is currently away.  At an imminent yet unknown time, this King will return.

Although He is currently away, the King has chosen to entrust much to His servants.  Sure, there is a great difference between five talents and one talent.  Still, the single talent was nothing to sneeze at!  What gifts, abilities, resources, past experiences, and present opportunities has he entrusted to you?

The King also has expectations of His servants.  The first two of the servants in this parable understood that with the stewardship came responsibility.  They were to leverage what had been entrusted to them in such a way that the King would be pleased.  What are you doing with those things God has given you?  Would He find pleasure in your use of them?

Upon His return, the King took time to review what had been done.  He dialogued with all three about their use/nonuse of the resources He gave them.  Are you living in such a way that this future examination has an impact today?

Finally, the King extended repercussions for what had been done.  The faithful servants were commended.  Their responsibility was multiplied.  They experienced the joy of the King.  What will be the eternal repercussions for your use of all that God has entrusted to you?