September 13: Live Out and Talk About

Read 1 Peter 3:8-22

“. . . go and make disciples of all nations . . .”

We began the week with that clear statement of Christ’s plan and command for building His unstoppable church.  Our natural tendency is to view the fulfillment of that directive in terms of some separate and strategic action of our life.  Perhaps we think of it in terms like this: “Right now, I am setting aside everything else I am doing in order to initiate a conversation with someone about Christ.”

Certainly, that kind of intentionality is an important expression of what Christ intended . . . but it is not the only one.  The “go” of that all important passage in Matthew 28 can also be understood this way:  “while you are going.”  In other words, this disciple making is not only a separate action of my life.  It is to be part of the natural ebb and flow of my life.  It is part of who I am, wherever I find myself, in the course of whatever I am doing.

Peter seems to pick up on the power and potential of that kind of ministry.  He points us to the power of righteous living and good works.  Christianity has enough opponents today.  We do not need to fuel the fire of the opposition through immoral conduct.  When we live right and do good things for other people, we put to shame those who would attempt to slander us.  Righteous living and good works make the accusations of others empty.

But that kind of life not only reduces the firepower of others.  It also invites the question of others who wonder what there is about us that makes us different.  It will cause people to approach us as Christ followers and ask about the hope we have.  It is then that our morally upright lives and compassionate acts have paved the way for us to verbalize our faith.

In a nutshell, when you consistently live out your faith day to day, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you will have opportunity to talk about your faith with others!  Make sure both are part of your life today.


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I am a follower of Jesus. I've been blessed with 33+ years of marriage to my best friend, Celeste. We have two adult sons, two daughters-in-law, a daughter in high school, and two grandsons. I am part of an awesome family of God: Grace Church in Wooster, Ohio.
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