September 14: Christ’s Unstoppable Church

Read Revelation 19:1-21


That was the statement Jesus made about the church He would build.  It was a promise made before even the first church was in existence.  Not even Hades and the satanic power that fuels it would be able to conquer the gathering of believers.

Indeed, the first church was born . . .  and thrived . . . in Jerusalem.  Blossoming to thousands, it grew in number.  Internal conflict and external opposition threatened its existence.  In spite of the challenges, however, Christ’s church grew and spread around the Mediterranean rim.  The unstoppable church forged ahead.

Over the centuries, there have been countless other threats.  One could have wondered whether the church would survive things like the false teaching of neo-orthodoxy or of the new age movement.  But, gloriously, the church lives on.  Centuries ago, people may have questioned whether the church would live another generation when it had seemingly lost sight of its true mission and had allowed itself to become embroiled in the wrong kinds of battles.  But, thankfully, God not only preserved a remnant but also raised up new life . . . people who saw the need to return to the nearly forgotten task of making disciples.  The unstoppable church lived on.

In our passage today, we are given a prophetic glimpse of the unstoppable church that Christ is building.  The world will be subjected to greater turmoil than it has ever known.  This seven-year period called the Tribulation will be marked by plagues, disasters, and satanic influence.  But Christ will have already rescued His church.  Including all who have come to Christ from Pentecost to the rapture, the church, His bride, will celebrate with Him in heaven.  What a contrast, while those on earth experience the worst tragedies known to man, the church will experience one of her finest moments!

And after that great celebration in heaven, the unstoppable church will return to earth with her groom, Jesus Himself.  At His side, we will witness His ultimate dominion over all things and the consummate expression of the church’s unstoppability!

Celebrate the fact that you are part of His incredible, unstoppable church!


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