January 19: Right Decision at a High Price

Read 1 Samuel 20:1-42

The parting of these two friends, Jonathan and David, had to be a moving experience.  They embraced, wept, and David headed out.   Though each of them had vowed . . . even covenanted . . . to have the other’s back, each must have gone in his respective directions with this nagging question reverberating in the recesses of his mind , “Will I see him again alive?”

I am especially moved by Jonathan’s commitment to his dear friend.  For him, there was quite a price tag attached to his love and loyalty.  Just think about what it cost him.

  1. Jonathan’s commitment to David cost him a valued family relationship.  It created tension between him and his father.  Clearly, Saul wanted David dead.  In fact, he had even asked Jonathan and others to carry out the execution.  By seeking David’s welfare instead, Jonathan made himself a target of the very man responsible for his existence.  Jonathan’s dedication to what he knew to be right was stronger than any pressure applied by others.  Somehow, pleasing God was more important to him than pleasing the very man that invited him to act to the contrary.
  2. Jonathan’s commitment to David cost him the highest position in all of Israel.  As the son of Saul, Jonathan was next in line and heir to the throne.  There were likely people who would have given their right kidney to become king!  Not Jonathan.  He understood that David was the anointed and the man for the job.  He was willing to do anything necessary to ensure that David would one day assume the throne.  Jonathan was one who considered the interests of others as more important than his own.

You and I are regularly confronted with similar decisions that will cost us something.  We too will be faced with opportunities in which we will choose pleasing God rather than a man or woman.  We too will need to look at the conflicting sides of the scales where either personal benefit or the interest and needs of others hang in the balance.

Often, the right decision is one that will cost something.