January 26: What God Did About His Children And Their Bondage

Read Exodus 1-2

They were there by order of the Sovereign God. The Lord of all, Who’d brought His children to Egypt during the seven-year famine.

Joseph, you may remember, had been the first to arrive (via slave-traders and family scandal), followed years later by his brothers and father, who then settled there and multiplied.

(T)he people of Israel were fruitful and increased greatly; they multiplied and grew exceedingly strong, so that the land was filled with them. (Ex. 1:7, ESV)

But that was some 400 years ago, and the new Pharaoh had no rapport with Joseph. No reason to respect the growing family of Israel.

In fact, this Pharaoh was afraid of them. Afraid of the promise God had given to their father Abraham those hundreds of years before. The promise He was fulfilling even now.

I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you (Gen. 12:1)

So Pharaoh set out to stop the growing numbers by killing off the Israelites baby boys. 

And God knew.

In fact, He had already purposed for their rescue. Having chosen a certain baby boy whose fate seemed hopeless, God would rescue His people whose hope seemed fateful.

His plan, years in the making, was coming into fruition. Even as the king of Egypt tightened his oppressive grip, God’s mighty hand gently shook his man Moses awake to the oppression and injustice.

Even in the desperation, Almighty God had a plan. Even in the desperation and the pain of His children, God saw. He heard. He knew.

How many times have we felt our fate was hopeless too? Wondered if God could hear the groaning of our pain and desperation?

Life deals a hard blow, and it seems like He’s not doing anything about it. A job is lost, and we wonder if God even knows about it. A child gets sick, and it feels like our cries get stuck somewhere between the ceiling and the tops of the trees outside.

Still, God hears. He sees. He knows.

Just like He did with the Israelites for those many years, God has worked a plan for our deliverance. Deliverance from this place where tears flow and hearts break and people hurt people and finances crumble.

His plan for the Israelites was called the Exodus from Egypt. His plan for us is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In both cases, it leads to real life. It holds the Good News about God’s plan for real freedom. His provision for real life through His Son Jesus Christ.