May 15: By My Spirit

Every Day With God

Read Zechariah 4:1-14

9/11/01…The events of that day may be etched indelibly in your mind.  Among other things you can still picture the Trade Towers belching smoke and ultimately collapsing.  Those are painful, discouraging memories.  You probably know that there is a plan to rebuild at Ground Zero.  The “Freedom Tower” is designed to stand 1776 feet high as a tribute to those who lost their lives and as visible reminder of our nation’s resilience.

Meanwhile, Zechariah’s vision from chapter 4 takes us to a 9/11 event in the history of God’s chosen people.  Under Nebuchadnezzar, Babylonians had invaded Jerusalem, destroying the walls surrounding the city and the temple that had been central to worship.  Decades after God’s people returned to Jerusalem from exile, they began to rebuild the temple under the leadership of a man named Zerubbabel.  But problems arose.  Opposition and fear…

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