May 16: Available to God

Read Isaiah 6:1-13

Glorifying God by bearing fruit requires availability.

For some, availability is absolutely no problem.  They are available…perhaps to a fault!  As a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, they are there for all of the important events and celebrations… and even run the taxi service to and from extracurriculars.  They are the ones famous for dropping what they are doing and giving priority to the needs/wants of others.  If you aren’t a person like that, you likely know people like that.  Lives are certainly blessed because of people like that.

But there is yet one more aspect of Jesus as the Vine that deserves our focus this week.  Our availability to God.  Isaiah’s story reminds us of that.

Isaiah had a stirring encounter with God in the temple.  He observed the Lord in His glory.  He watched and listened as angels proclaimed His holiness.  This was a sacred moment, and Isaiah recognized it.  With the backdrop of the Father’s glory and the reminder of His holiness, he suddenly felt the full impact of what it meant to be a sinner living in a sinful world.  How undeserving he was to be an unclean man of dust in the presence of the pure God of heaven!

Thankfully, God did that which only God can do.  He extended forgiveness.  The uncleanness was cleansed.  The impurity was purged.  Isaiah’s sin and guilt were removed.  Thankfully, God does that yet today for people like us in Christ!

Still, there remained one last question…the ultimate reason for the encounter.  It came from the Lord Himself.  He did not allow the angels to do His bidding.  He asked, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”  (v. 8)  As far as I can tell, Isaiah was the only one who experienced the vision.  It seems unlikely that Lord was inviting him to nominate a few candidates from his circle of acquaintances.  No, the question must have been more pointed, “How about you, Isaiah?  Having caught a glimpse of My glory…having experienced what it is to be forgiven…how about it?  Would you be My ambassador?  Are you available to do My work?”

Those are stirring questions to ask.  Today, are you available to be God’s instrument who accomplishes His work?