August 10: Salvation 101

Read Ephesians 2:8-10

These are some of the most famous verses in Scripture and for good reason. This is Salvation 101 and yet these verses are packed so full that we can miss each important detail if we don’t break it down and understand each one.

Verse 8:

Salvation is

  • By grace
    • Grace is giving something good to someone that they do not deserve.
  • Through faith
    • We have to believe and trust that Jesus paid the penalty for our salvation.
  • It’s not our own doing.
    • Saving is all His idea and all His work (MSG). We had nothing to do with it because it’s impossible to do anything to earn it.
  • It’s God’s gift to us.
    • Wages are earned, gifts are received unearned. A gift does not require repayment.

Verse 9:

  • Not a result of works
    • We had nothing to do with it. You could never do enough works to please God.
  • No one can boast because it’s not a result of works.
    • If humans had something to do with earning salvation, they would have basis for being proud of themselves. Since all we do is agree to receive the gift, there is no reason to be prideful.

Verse 10:

  • We are God’s masterpiece (NLT).
    • Not only did God do the saving, but He did the making in the first place. Humans are the crown of God’s creation.
  • Created in Christ Jesus
    • He has created us anew in Jesus (NLT). Not only did God cause us to be born physically, but He also causes us to be born again.
  • Created in Christ Jesus for good works
    • We are made new in Christ in order to do good works. Obedience is evidence of faith. True faith will result in doing good works. You can’t do works in order to receive salvation, but it is crucial to do works because of  salvation. Christ gave us everything to compel us to give Him all of ourselves.
  • God prepared good works in advance for us.
    • God has a sovereign plan for your life. Things aren’t just random. When you live out God’s Word in the situation that God has put you in right now, you are doing what He planned for you to do before you were born!
  • We had better be doing them (MSG).
    • In light of everything God’s done for us, we need to walk in His good works that He planned for us to do!

Nathan Harley