November 25: Invisible War Part #2

Read Daniel 9:1-10:21

Satan, demons, and angels operate in the heavenly realm and yet the reality of their presence, though often unseen, is felt in your world and mine.

Occasionally throughout the Scriptures, however, God lifts the veil that prevents our full awareness of their influence so that we can witness their work.  We are permitted such opportunities in the context of the two prayers you read about today.

In the first prayer, Daniel recognized that the captivity of God’s people in Babylon should be coming to a close.  He launches into a prayer confessing the sins of his people and then asks God to restore the city, the temple, and the people.  Before he even finished the prayer, the angel Gabriel came with further revelation from God.  Angels, you see, are real.  In the Scriptures, they are often used as messengers from God.

The second prayer is different.  For three entire weeks, Daniel fasted and prayed…seemingly without response.  Have you ever felt as if your prayers are not being heard?  It may have seemed like that to Daniel as well.  But finally, on day #21, a heavenly being came as a messenger.  He had been sent in response to Daniel on the first day as Daniel began to pray.  So what was the reason for the delay?  Well, along the way, he encountered spiritual opposition in the heavenly realm.  In fact, for 21 days, unbeknownst to Daniel, this angelic being had engaged in a spiritual battle with powers that were Satanic/demonic in their origin.

There are many truths that flow from this story of old:

  • Unless personal, unconfessed sin prevents it, your prayers are heard!
  • Angels and demons are real!
  • Your prayers may sometimes launch invisible battles before you witness visible results.

Now, lest the reality of invisible beings engaging in battle scares you, please be assured that there is no reason to fear.  As followers of Christ, “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”  (1 Jn. 4:4)