November 27: Angelic Armies

Read 2 Kings 6:8-23

If you have the right kind of lenses, you are able to see things not normally visible with the naked eye.  If you place what seems like clean pond water under a microscope, you will likely be able to see microorganisms like amoebas and paramecia.  If you pull out a telescope on a clear night, you will be able to see stars or maybe even the moons around Jupiter that are not otherwise obvious.  The use of the microscope or telescope did not bring those things into existence.  They only made visible what was already there.

Even though Elisha’s servant did not use a telescope, microscope, or special X-ray glasses, he too was able for a moment to see something that was already present but just hadn’t been visible.  He was able to see an angelic army or “heavenly host.”

But let’s step back and place this event into its context.  Elisha’s incredible, prophetic knowledge of the enemy’s plans had more than once served as a forewarning that protected the people of God.  But that knowledge had also caused great frustration to enemies like the king of Syria.  In anger and consternation, the king dispatched an army that surrounded Elisha and the city of Dothan.  Their plan was to destroy Elisha!

When Elisha’s servant rose early the next morning, he discovered their hopeless predicament.  Surely, they would be captured and tortured!  But that’s when Elisha asked God to open his eyes.  Heavenly armies were there ready to do battle on behalf of Elisha and God’s people!

So what do things really look like when you feel most vulnerable?  What troops are mustered and ready to do battle when your situation seems hopeless?  While I have never seen an angelic army with my own eyes, I have been rescued from what seemed like impossible circumstances.  I suppose I will never know if an unseen battle was waged or what it might have looked like.  But, based on Elisha’s story, I do know that God does unleash angelic beings to come to my aid.

Thank you, Father!