November 4: King Solomon

Read 1 Kings 2:1-3:28

Have you ever felt like you were in over your head?  That the skill/insight required for a task was beyond your capacity?  Like the situation was calling for something you didn’t possess?

Solomon did!  He had some huge shoes to fill.  After all, David, Israel’s greatest king, was his father.  That, in itself, set the bar of expectations high.  He was heir to the throne that his father had vacated by his death.  In his own words, he felt like a mere child who didn’t know if he was coming or going.  But his sense of inadequacy was more than just the size of his father’s shoes. It was also the size of the nation.  They were too numerous to even attempt to count them.  And he, as a 20-year-old young man, was to provide leadership for them?  His sense of inadequacy must have been nearly overwhelming.

What a sense of relief it must have been to have this “Genie in the bottle” offer from God, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.”  Where would your thoughts have taken you in that moment?  Sometimes, even though we may be fully aware of our greatest needs, our earthly desires get in the way, don’t they?!  Even the Lord acknowledged that for Solomon.  He recognized that Solomon could have asked for vast wealth or good health and a long life.  Instead, Solomon’s request for wisdom focused on his greatest need in order to accomplish the will of God.  That’s admirable.

What is your greatest need in order to accomplish the will of God?  Is it wisdom?  Courage?  Opportunity?  Can I ask you…Does your prayer life reflect that?  You see, God offers us the same opportunity to ask Him for anything.  True, He may not guarantee the same results, but we can ask Him.  So are you asking Him?  Or are you more focused in prayer on the “more wealth and good health” sorts of requests?  Don’t neglect to ask God to supply your greatest need…to provide for your biggest inadequacy in order to accomplish His will.

Thankfully, if wisdom is what you lack, you are guaranteed of God’s provision.  Check it out in James 1:5, 6.


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