February 13: The Proverbs Woman

Read Proverbs 31:1-31

We have studied Proverbs for 28 days. We’ve seen foolishness defined, indiscretion lived out. We’ve learned the insight of humility, the discretion required to walk in the way of righteousness.

We’ve read about the adulteress and her seemingly irresistable wiles that lure a man if he’s not careful. We’ve also seen mention of the wayward wife, the nagging matron, whose presence is worse than an annoying faucet that won’t stop drip drip dripping.

But only this final chapter of Proverbs paints such a clear picture of what a woman would look like who took all this wisdom to heart.

I read the first verse and have to wonder if King Lemuel thought of his mother as he penned the words for the last 21 verses. Did he realize her wisdom as he recited the song she’d taught him as a baby?

“O son of my womb . . . do not spend  your strength on women . . .” (v2).

Did he visualize his own mother’s value as he recalled the beauty of a noble-minded woman?

She is worth far more than rubies” (v10).

Wisdom bejewels a woman like nothing else can. It’s what makes her beautiful. We see it right here in the description of the fearing-God woman.

Here are a few of her traits:

  • She has a good work-ethic. (v13)
  • She is enterprising and good with her money. (vv16, 24)
  • She’s always willing to work, eager to go the extra mile. (v18)
  • She is generous and compassionate. (v20)
  • She is not anxious or afraid because she trusts God’s hand. (v21)
  • She is strong, dignified, worthy of respect. (v25)
  • She laughs easily, isn’t all bent out of shape with worry. (v25)
  • She is faithful and wise, a good teacher and role-model. (v26)
  • She’s not lazy. (v27)

We could read through this list and easily grow weary by about the third or fourth line. But the issue is not keeping up with this wise woman. In fact, it’s altogether different.

I believe the point of this Proverb is found in verse 30. It’s where we find the secret to this woman’s honor. It’s the key to her true beauty.

She fears the LORD.

It’s the key to the whole of Proverbs, too. The person who fears Almighty God above all else is the one who will walk in righteousness. The one who gives up all the pride of self and seeks the LORD comes out on top when it’s all said and done.

How do you measure up?



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