February 17: Nightmare and Celebration


Read Song of Solomon 3:1-16

Can you remember some of your worst nightmares?  Perhaps they are ones where you are standing in front of others without adequate clothing or ones where you are being attacked by some odd animal.  Weren’t you glad to wake up?

The Shulamite woman seems to be having one of those dreams early in the reading today.  She was searching for the love of her life “all night long on her bed.”  In her dream, she searched anxiously throughout the city for “the one my heart loves.”  When she finally found him, she took him to a safe place and refused to let go.

Ever had a dream like that?  A dream where you wonder if someone you love is really committed to you.  It can sure be scary!  After all, everyone longs for security in relationships.  Keep in mind, security like that is found in your relationship with God (Jer. 31:3).  Meanwhile, it should be reflected in your relationship with a real friend (Prov. 17:17) and with your spouse, if you are married (Eph. 5:25).  I trust that you can awaken from that nightmare with the assurance that you are loved and have not been deserted.

In the latter part of chapter 3, the couple moves from their courting relationship to the wedding day!  It is time to celebrate.  Rather than driving up in a limousine or a nice car, Solomon and his wedding party pull up in an ornate carriage.  In typical Israelite fashion (unlike the traditions of our day), he has arrived unexpectedly to take his bride off for the wedding and the multi-day celebration.

Marriage is certainly worth celebrating today.  Unfortunately, many choose casual sex or even cohabitation as viable alternatives.  God’s design from the outset, however, has been the inseparable union of a husband and wife expressed through marriage (Matt. 19:1-12).  God provides guidelines for the choice of a spouse (2 Cor. 6:14-18) and the context for intimacy (1 Cor. 6:12-7:7).  He is also One, Who gives purpose to the single life (1 Cor. 9).  You can celebrate your marital status!


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