February 20: A Mature View of Marriage and Sex

Read Song of Solomon 7:1-8:14

The relationship between this husband and wife is maturing.  The Shulamite is now confident in the fact that she belongs to Solomon and also in his desire for her (7:10).  The two seem to be more comfortable with one another.  In fact, you probably know it already, but what you just read contained some of the most graphic imagery that the Bible presents anywhere.  Though not going into explicit detail, Solomon’s comparative description of his wife leaves no room for doubt that he found great joy and pleasure in the way God had made her.  It should leave no doubt for us as well that God has designed sexual intimacy to be a beautiful expression between a husband and wife.  Sex is neither a dirty, shameful act nor a necessary evil.  The passion of sights, smells, caresses, and kisses are to play an important part of a marriage relationship.  Married couples should grow in their appreciation and expression of this.

But, before we draw the curtains closed on this steamy book, let’s recognize two important truths:

  1. We dare not idolize sex. Yes, sex is a powerful joy that God gives to a husband and wife, but it is not the most important facet of life.  The Lord still desires to be our first and foremost.  He wants you to love Him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength (Mk. 12:30).  He is to be your greatest joy.  In fact, He even uses sexual terms of adultery to describe the idolatrous heart that puts anything before Him (Js. 4:4).  Don’t place sex on a pedestal as the most important thing in life.  It will only lead towards ultimate disappointment.
  2. We dare not idolize marriage. Indeed, it was God that recognized the aloneness of man and provided a woman as his counterpart.  Meanwhile, the single life can and should be a fulfilling one.  The Bible depicts some of the advantages of the single life in describing the undistracted devotion and greater service opportunities it can afford (1 Cor. 7:32-35; 9:1-12).  It also describes singles, which God used greatly – people like Anna, John the Baptist, and Paul.

Regardless your marital status, then, endeavor to love God with all of who you are while enjoying the gifts He has given you and the opportunities He affords you.


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