March 7: Dead to Sin. Alive in Christ.

Read Ephesians 2:1-22

I don’t know about any of you, but there are times that I think back about how far I have come in life. I know it sounds cheesy, but God has seriously done some great things in my life. The more I look over it, the more I think to myself just how incredibly blessed I am to be where I am today. There was a period of time in my life that I wasn’t fully surrendered to Christ. Sure, I am a pastor’s kid so I knew the material; I just never fully applied it to my life. As the years passed on, I began to make my parents’ faith my own. I began to realize that the way I was living was not for God and wasn’t promoting His plan for my life.

What I came to realize is that as a believer, I am dead to sin. Romans 6:11 has become my favorite verse because it says just that. “Consider yourselves dead to sin, but alive in God through Christ Jesus.” When I really applied that verse to my life, I came to realize there were some changes that needed to take place. Why am I claiming to be a Christian but am living my life dead in sin?

Ephesians 2 tells us that we WERE dead in sin. The way we were living our lives, the only destination we would encounter was more sin and ultimately spiritual death. On the other hand, when we accept Christ, we ARE now dead to sin. Because we committed to move on from that way of life, sin is dead to us. Because of the forgiveness we have received, sin no longer is our master.

The first 10 verses of Ephesians 2 explain that while we are dead to sin, we are alive in Christ. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we are alive in Him! He took our sin and moved it as far as the east is from the west. While we will still struggle with the burden of sin, we have hope knowing that it will not consume us. The only thing we are consumed by is grace and forgiveness that God offers us.

With that being said, how are we living our lives? Are we claiming to be Christians but have a whole bunch of gunk in our lives that is holding us back? It’s time to move past those things and go about living our lives alive in Christ!


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