March 24: What Submission Has to Do With Easter

Read Colossians 3:18-4:1

It’s Thursday before Easter, and we’re reading about wives and slaves and fathers and submission, obedience and serving? Yep.

I’ll be the first to admit it’s an unconventional passage for the day before Good Friday. Some call it Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday. It’s the day Jesus celebrated Passover with His disciples before leading them to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.

It was that night, there in the Garden, where He sweat drops of blood for the anguish in His soul. The anguish of offering His will, His body, His constant and intimate communion with the Father in submission and obedience to Him.

Jesus Christ is the very picture of humble submission in perfect relationship. In light of that truth, it is entirely appropriate to study Paul’s instructions for relationships in the Colossian church, even today, as we remember what Jesus gave up for our good.


As the Creator of life, God has a perfect plan for living. He has made this way known through His Son, the Word made flesh, and through the Bible, the Word He spoke and has given us through His divine providence. Through both of these divine revelations, God has directs us about dealing with others and relationships.

As a married woman who follows the God of Life, I am called to submit to my husband, just as Jesus Christ the Son of God submitted to God the Father all the days of His life. Even that night in the Garden.

If you are a husband, God calls you to love your wife the way Jesus Christ loves the Church. The Church on whose behalf He submitted to the Father’s will to offer Himself for yours and my good.

If you are a Christ-follower, you are called to serve the Lord Christ in everything you do.

None of it is easy. Without the Holy Spirit leading us through each step, neither part is even attainable.

But here’s the thing: as I practice submission, I am learning to be more like Jesus Christ. As my husband practices Christ-like love, he becomes more like Him, too.

That’s why Jesus did it. It’s why He gave His life, why we have Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday. He did it to make us like Him, holy in the Father’s eyes, new and alive by His Spirit, living His way in His real life as we serve Him in every way we can. Including our relationships.



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A follower of Jesus Christ who loves His Word, my name is Brianna but I usually call myself Bria. I'm a deep thinker with a seminary background who grew up knowing Jesus but falters on a regular basis. I love my family, which consists of two daughters one husband and a dog. I also love hanging out with friends, taking pictures of pretty stuff, good books, and coffee.
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