April 3: The Only Real Power to Overcome Fear

Read Acts 4

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus” (v13).

They’d spent three years walking with, hanging with, getting to know Jesus the Christ. And now, by virtue of His death and resurrection, His Spirit was living inside of Peter and John.

It was the only way either one of them could overcome fear.

This was the same Peter who had cowered at the bonfire to the little servant girl’s questions while Jesus suffered inside, heading to His crucifixion. It was the same John who’d quietly followed Him and called Him Rabbi.

Having overcome fear because of the power of Jesus Christ, they had become life-givers and brought complete healing to a 40-something crippled-from-birth man (3:16). They brought downright boldness to the questioning of some priests.

Peter and John not only proclaimed Jesus Christ’s name, they lived by it. He had given them the power to overcome fear, and it made all the difference.

Their time with Him, His life in them, had transformed them into unafraid people the likes of which this world has not known since. For they feared Him and Him only.

No fear of the powers that be. Jesus was their King.

No fear of prisons or beatings. Jesus Christ the Messiah had conquered death.

No fear of speaking out against the injustice of the religious leaders. Jesus makes all things new.

Peter and John were no exception. Jesus Christ had made Peter and John new, as well.

That’s how they were able to stand in front of those priests and leaders and the temple guard and say what they did. It’s how they were able to pray so boldly and ask for even more strength to heal in Jesus’ name (v29), when they could have just asked for the persecution to stop.

That’s how thousands of people came to know the God who really lives.

God used Peter and John to display His life so powerfully that not even the Sadducees could deny it.

The same can be true of us. When we know Jesus that well, spend time with Him that willingly, He gives the power to overcome all fear, all stress, all worry.

This week, we will spend time looking into what God says about overcoming stress and fear and anxiety. We will delve into where our fear belongs. Our prayer is that you will start to break through the worry and live the life He came to give you. Are you ready?


The Unafraid Manifesto by Brianna Wasson (That’s me.)

An interview with John Piper with John Piper about casting fear on God



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