April 10: Overcoming Busyness with Rest

Read Genesis 1:1 – 2:3 :

As I write this, I’m sitting in my favorite chair in my bedroom overlooking a wooded valley with a creek.  The window next to me is open and there is a gentle 70 degree breeze softly flowing in.  The sun is beginning to set on this Easter Sunday.  It’s quiet.

It’s almost perfect.

You just don’t get many moments like this in life and I am presently basking in the glory of this one!  I hope you did too; because we need rest; our bodies need it, and our minds need it.  Sometimes you have to look for it; it doesn’t often just come to you like it did to me today.  I am grateful for it.

When God rested from His work on the seventh day of creation, do you suppose it was because He was tired?  I know that is a silly question, but what other reason would God have for resting aside from being tired?  The answer to that question isn’t fully answered in the bible until Jesus walked the earth.  You see God gave us a command; it was part of the Ten Commandments.  He said, “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy”.  God commanded us to rest on the seventh day just as He did, but people took that command and misapplied it as we tend to do.  By the time Jesus came to Earth, the Jewish people had turned God’s Sabbath, the day of the week He intended for our rest, into yet another long list of rules no one could not possibly follow. Then they beat each other up for not following all the rules they created.

The Pharisees tried to use the Sabbath, God’s rest, to trip up Jesus and prove He was not teaching true Judaism.  Jesus’ response to them in Mark 2:27 tells us what purpose the Sabbath was intended for.  “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”  God’s day of rest was not intended to be a hassle, it was not intended to produce a string of duties, laws, tasks, and obligations that frankly just tire us out more.  God’s day of rest was intended to be just that, RESTFULL!  God knew what we needed, we needed peace, a time to stop, unplug, and just recharge.  That may look very different for each of you.  Maybe it’s reading a good book, or taking a walk, or a drive, being with family, or just sitting in your favorite chair by the window.  Whatever that looks like for you, be sure to make time for it.  I know that in this busy world we often feel as though we can’t stop, there’s just too much to do.  Just understand that busy is a choice, it’s a choice you make; a choice you can UNmake.


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