April 15: Overcoming Busyness with Delegation

Read Exodus 18:14-26

Fame has its challenges.  God had shown the Israelites through many signs and miracles that Moses was God’s representative.  Moses and God spoke to one another, which is enough to make anyone famous!  So it’s no surprise that people began to bring Moses their problems as they were now viewing him as a conduit of God’s guidance and truth.  People wanted the man who knew the will of God to give them advice and settle their disputes.  Problem is, there were millions of them and Moses was wearing himself out trying to help them all.  Moses’ father-in-law, seeing the dilemma his now very important son-in-law was facing, offered him some advice.  Delegate!

God himself had placed Moses into the ministry role in which he was currently serving.  There’s no better motivation than God’s audible voice.  But being human, Moses could only do so much, and the job God had given him was too big to handle alone.  But there he was, going it alone and getting overwhelmed.  By handing off some of this responsibility to other capable people Moses was able to better focus on other aspects of the ministry to which he had been called.

The church is an amazing organization.  It gives people an outlet to use their gifts and talents in ways they may never have the opportunity to do otherwise, and to do so while serving God.  What could be better?  There is a hidden danger though.  Once people learn that you are a person who has a talent, and especially if you are motivated to serve, they will likely ask you to do so; this is good and right.  When a person has a task that needs to be done, it’s always easier to come and ask the one you know is willing than to find someone else.  There’s always more that can be done in the church, and were eager to reach the lost, so it’s easy to see how people who are eager to serve can quickly become overburdened by work if they don’t know how to say no sometimes.

A pastor once told me, your body and time are a resource that others will use to further God’s kingdom.  If you aren’t careful, they may use you and your time up and there won’t be enough of you left for your other obligations.  Sometimes we have to help others delegate better by helping them delegate to someone else.

Sadly, often times the reason the willing can become overburdened is because there are so few of them, while some fail to help at all, even though they are able. If this is you, STEP UP, you are needed!

Even Jesus delegated.  While here on Earth Jesus selected and trained 12 men to observe him and carry on his work when he left.  The task he entrusted them with was immense and well beyond their abilities.  But God provided the Holy Spirit for just this purpose and as Jesus disciples spread the gospel, they trained and entrusted other good people to get involved.  That work carries on even to today.  Delegation is how God’s kingdom grows!

I wonder, are you a person someone could delegate to today? Are you a person who is ready to delegate for advancing God’s kingdom today?


Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives by Richard Swenson

The Problem With Perfectionism an article by Rick Warren

Breakthrough Busyness by Nick Cleveland

The Best Yes: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Endless Demands by Lysa Terkeurst


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