May 18: Remember!

Read Deuteronomy 4:1-49

A new era was about to begin. The 400 years of captivity had ended. God’s people had left Egypt. The forty years of wandering had come to a close. Soon they would be able to repossess the land He had promised their forefather Abraham centuries before.

The geography would be new. They would settle into permanent houses instead of the tents and temporary dwellings they had called home for decades. Their regular diet of manna would soon be replaced by the best this land flowing with milk and honey had to offer. There seemed to be no doubt about it . . . What they were about to experience was certainly preferable over their past.

Still, there were things they dare not forget.

That was the passionate plea of Moses from chapter 4. It’s a message we must take to heart today. We can summarize this man’s call to remembrance with statements like these:

“Remember the Word of God!”

Moses called them “decrees,” “laws,” “covenants,” and “commands” (vv. 1, 2, 4, 13, 23, 40). They had come directly from God. Moses had proclaimed them. Many of them warranted repeating. The Word of God was to define and determine the lives of God’s people whether they were wandering through desert experiences or living in the oasis of abundance and blessing. And it is no different for us. Remember the Word of God!

“Don’t forget powerful past displays of God’s presence!”

Repeatedly in this chapter, Moses drew the attention of his listeners back to their experience as God gave the Commandments at Mt. Horeb (Sinai). They had heard the voice of God. They had seen a burning mountain. It had been a moving experience with God. Moses warned them to not misdirect their worship to anything but the invisible God who reveals Himself in time and place. Likely He has done that in your life. You can probably point to times where encounters with Him were real and moving. Don’t forget those!

Remembrance was to be a powerful influence in the lives of those entering into this new area and era. But it wasn’t to stop with them. They were also to faithfully share those memories with future generations. Future lives were to be impacted by the legacy of memories that were passed on.

Remember and share.


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