May 28: Jewish Feasts

Read Deuteronomy 16:1-22

The Old Testament Jewish feasts were prominent events on the annual calendars for the people of God. Each of them commemorated an important act of God in the past or celebrated some kind of provision of God in the present.

While the Church today is distinct from Israel, we are also able to look back and see how each of these festivals served as a foreshadowing of the future life and ministry of the Messiah. Take a closer look by considering this table.

Jewish Feasts*

Adapted from Route 66 materials.

Throughout history, God has often given symbols and celebrations to cause people to reflect on His works.  Whether it was the gathering of stones from the middle of the Jordan River or the taking of the bread and the cup by His church today, God wants His people to remember His incredible work in our lives.

How and how often do you pause to reflect on God’s ministry to you?


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