June 24: The Call to Worship

Read Psalm 33

Imagine you are at a Christian concert or a church worship service. Those leading do not want you to be a passive observer in worship. They want to participate. That is the kind of call to praise that we find in the first three verses of Psalm 33.

Whether in the context of a concert or of a worship service or of daily life, do you heed that call? Are you an active participant in praising God? The author of Psalm 33 points out that it can be done with our voices or with musical instrument (not to mention our lives). It is “fitting” for us to allow our lives to reflect praise!

With the call to worship extended, imagine the choir or you as part of the congregation actually joining in the expression of praise. What reasons do you find for praising God?

Verses 4-19 remind us of several realities that should motivate us to worship God! His word is true! He keeps His promises! His unfailing love surrounds us! The power of His creative voice established the stars, formed the earth, and gathered the waters! He is sovereign in all that transpires here on earth! He is the One who saves! He is the Deliverer! Wow! There is a place to start. What else would you add?

Just as the first three verses introduce the psalm with a call to praise, the final three verses illustrate a response to praise.

What does a needy congregation need to do after exalting God?  What are you to do as a result of exalting God? The author suggests that you wait in hope (v. 20). Praise doesn’t eliminate needs. Needs are still there, but praise reminds us of the hope we have in the Lord.

Similarly, you are to rejoice in trust (v. 20). God is trustworthy. In anticipation of His good will poured out in your life, you can rejoice. Finally, the psalmist expresses your need to pray in anticipation (v. 22). Verse 22 is actually a prayer, calling out for God’s love to rest upon them.

As you go through your day today, will you accept the call to worship? How will you express it? How will that change your response to the situations in your life?


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