June 28: A Great Place to Start

Read Psalm 38

Though the exact nature of his sin is not revealed, David realized he had sinned. He recognized his sin and knew that he was deserving of the Lord’s rebuke and discipline. (See v. 1.)

Not only did he see his sin for what it was, he also connected the dots between his sin and the experiences of his life. Now, we have to be careful with that statement otherwise we may bear unnecessary guilt each time something negative happens to us. Nevertheless, sin can have its consequences. The ramifications of our sinful choices can include:

  • Internal conviction (vv. 4, 18) – David was overwhelmed with his own guilt and troubled by his own sin. Those proddings from conscience and from the Spirit of God can serve as unrelenting reminders of our need to get things right with the Lord!
  • Physical health issues – David summarized the physical impact of his sin with the words “there is no health in my body” (v. 3). Let me emphasize again that not every ache, pain, or even severe physical problem is a clear sign of personal sin. We might do well, however, to allow the Spirit of God to search us when we experience those things.
  • Relational struggles (vv. 11, 12, 16, 19, 20) – Did you notice that David experienced these struggles with both friends and enemies? It’s true. Sin’s impact can even reach to our relationships.

So what do you do when sin has created the kind of aftermath in your life that makes you feel guilty, sick, and alienated from others? Should you see a counselor? Go to a doctor? While those may be helpful, perhaps even necessary steps, plan to start where David did!  He confessed his sin and asked for the Lord’s help. It was a great place for him to start. It is a great place for you, too!


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