July 7: Hope!

Read Psalm 62:1-12

For so long Cleveland sports fans have yearned for a championship. Yet, whether it was in baseball, football, or basketball, we always seemed to come up short in any competition. However, in 2003 when a young man by the name of LeBron James was drafted to play for the Cavs, things seemed to be on the up. People were ecstatic, and many believed the drought was soon coming to an end. And finally, 13 years later, the hope so many of us [including myself] placed in LeBron has finally paid off!

We all have hope in something right? We hope for our favorite sports teams to win, we hope we will get a raise this fall, and we hope for a joy filled life. But what is hope? Many dictionaries will define hope as a longing, a desire, or an expectation of results. We all hope, but sometimes we don’t recognize the hope we find in the love and grace of God is the only hope we need.

Nobody understood this concept more than the author of this Psalm, David. As he was drafting this letter to the music director, many men were after him and threatening his life. Yet, even with this chaos-taking place, there are few greater examples of an undisturbed peace in the entire book of Psalms than the one we read today.

This Psalm creates some parallels for us between a man who finds his hope in the world and the man who finds his hope in God. And what is so special about the man who finds his hope in God? Well, this Psalm gives us a pretty good hint, and, depending on the Bible version you read, you may notice the hint is found in the words “alone” or “only” which are repeated several times throughout the passage (v.1, 2, 5, 6; also in 4, 9).

The key to this same peace in your life is finding your hope in God alone! When I am sick- I will put my hope in God alone. When finances are tough- I will put my hope in God alone. When my relationship with my spouse is on the rocks- I will put my hope in God alone. No matter the circumstance, no matter how high the burden may seem, or how lost the cause may feel, our God is God, and our God is good! He is stronger, He is wiser, and He ALONE is able to overcome the obstacles in your life.







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