July 8: Eagerly Seeking

Read 1 Samuel 23:1-18 and Psalm 63

“God, You are my God; I eagerly seek You . . .” (Ps. 63:1a).

It was true. David sought His God with an unmatched eagerness. He pursued His lead, searched out His direction for every step. Eagerly, David sought God. He sought Him even in the middle of the wilderness as he ran from the king whose crown God had promised him.

David had heard Keilah was being bullied by the Philistines, those old enemies whose hero David’s stone had beheaded all those years ago in the Valley of Elah. (See 1 Sam. 17). So he sought the Lord. “Should I launch an attack against these Philistines” (1 Sam. 23:2)?

His men weren’t so convinced when God told them to go. “We’re afraid . . .” So David sought Him again and heard more of the same. “Go at once,” God told him.

And they went. They rescued God’s people as they trusted God’s way.

King Saul, however, took an entirely different approach. He heard of David’s whereabouts and assumed it meant God’s helpful hand. He figured God must be helping him find David, so he took his men to war at Keilah in hot pursuit of David and his men.

David sought God again from within the turmoil. The fearful intuition his men had warned him about proved itself credible as God assured him King Saul would in fact come to Keilah. The people whom he’d just rescued would indeed turn him over.

God had sent him to Keilah to rescue them from their Philistine enemy. So when David inquired of Him and God revealed that those same rescued people would turn him over to Saul, I imagine it cut David to the core.

Still, he sought Him. He praised the God whose character he trusted. He adored the One whose faithful love sustained him. He set his gaze on the One whose shadow provided shelter. He rejoiced in the God whose hand held him. David trusted the word of the One whose promise had launched him on a journey through the wilderness as he ran from King Saul.

David knew His God, and he trusted His hand so completely that even when it led him to wilderness hiding, his eagerness to find Him stood unwavering and determined.

Who do you search for when you find yourself in turmoil? Where do you turn when the wilderness looks dry? For what do you thirst? Whom do you seek? Do you know your God like David did? Do you seek Him eagerly?


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A follower of Jesus Christ who loves His Word, my name is Brianna but I usually call myself Bria. I'm a deep thinker with a seminary background who grew up knowing Jesus but falters on a regular basis. I love my family, which consists of two daughters one husband and a dog. I also love hanging out with friends, taking pictures of pretty stuff, good books, and coffee.
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