July 14: Time and Eternity

Written by pastoral intern Taylor Bennington

Read Psalm 90:1-17

Last week I attended a lunch meeting with a volunteer organization on behalf of our church, and I was taken aback by how the majority of the agenda was focused on the fall. This hit me. Summer seems to be flying by, and, at least from a college student’s perspective is too soon coming to an end.

Life can be the same way right? We may feel like time is racing against us, or life may be moving at such a pace there is no slowing down in sight, and some of us may even be entering into the final chapters of our lives here on earth. Our lives are of a season, soon to come and soon to go. We might be temporary, but God is not. This is precisely what is exemplified for us in this psalm. Although my life may be for a moment, God’s life is never ending.

“You turn people back to dust, saying,  ‘Return to dust, you mortals!’ For you, a thousand years are as a passing day, as brief as a few night hours.” (v.3-4)

Yet, in our greatest affliction we question whether or not God is still present, and some may even start to question “Is God still alive?”

As this psalm continues, it becomes evident to us this psalmist is experiencing some pain in his life, but he recognizes, even in the storm, God is still there. God hasn’t left. He hasn’t mysteriously disappeared and not returned. The psalmist never even wrestles with that notion. Instead he pleads with God in verse 13 “O Lord come back to us!” He yearned for His presence, His love, and the joy He, and He alone could bring.

So, even when life doesn’t make sense, or hardship begins to set up camp on your heart, understand God hasn’t left you, He hasn’t abandoned you or forsaken you. God is alive, He is well, and He is more powerful than your circumstance. Cry out to Him! Ask Him to guide your steps, and lead your life. Allow Him, the everlasting God, to work in and through your affliction, to conform you to be more like Christ, and walk in His will.

Do you need to yearn for God’s power and presence in your life today? What heartaches do you need to lay at His feet?






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