July 27: Turn on the Light

Read Psalm 119:81-128

Perhaps you noticed one or both of these unique characteristics of Psalm 119:

  1. This psalm is an acrostic psalm. Your Bible may indicate that the way that mine does. It is divided into twenty-two sections, each containing eight verses. Specifically over the portions that you read today, my Bible has odd “titles” like “kaph,” “lamedh,” “mem,” “nun,” samekh,” and “ayin.” These seemingly foreign titles are consecutive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The author, you see, wrote the first word of each verse in the eight verse segment starting with the next consecutive letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  2. Nearly every one of the 176 verses makes some kind of reference to the Scriptures. Though you read words like “word,” “promise,” “decrees,” “Law,”precepts,”statutes, and “commands,” all of them refer to the recorded Scriptures. In each of these verses, the author expresses the value of and his devotion to the Bible. It is true that there are a handful of verses where that is not the case, but these are clearly the exceptions.

Without even beginning to look at the detail of Psalm 119, we already understand how vitally important the Bible is! From A to Z, this book is worthy of our focused attention!

And the Bible is a source of wisdom!

The Scriptures give us insight essential for life. Through it, we gain a sense of God’s perspective, His will, and His priorities. Even though you can pick up a Bible for a few dollars at a used book store or for tens of dollars if buying one new, the value of its content is greater than that of silver or gold. Through it, we can become wiser than our enemies, gain more insight than our teachers, and have greater understanding than our elders (vv. 98-100).

It is no wonder, the author reminds us, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (v105).

Turn on the light and gain wisdom!


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