July 29: Ships…and Shaping People

(Written by pastoral intern, Taylor Bennington)

Read Psalm 127:1-5

This week I read a story about a man who spent years building a ship in his backyard. He spent years working on the vessel in his garage, gently molding and shaping the wood, equipping the vessel for sea worthiness, and then eventually sending it off to be sold.

When I read Psalm 127, this story came to my mind, because although I’m not a parent (nor will I be for a long time haha), I recognize the fact that shipbuilding is a lot like parenthood. No, parenthood is not a hobby, as expressed in the story I shared with you. But in principle, however, it is in fact very similar.

Ships don’t build themselves, and neither do children! Children are shaped, molded, and influenced by their parents, just as the shipwright’s hands strategically guide, piece by piece, the wood that builds their ship. It should be of no surprise to us then the first things the Lord instructs us to do in this psalm is to build our house around Him! Verses one and two expressly communicate to us if we try to create a home without it being centered around Christ we have done so in vain! Would it make sense to build a ship without a bottom? No! So why would we build a home without a foundation in Jesus?

Likewise ships also need to be equipped. A ship can’t operate without a sail, or a motor, and the same is true for raising the next generation. Children must be equipped with biblical truth, mentorship, and the gospel, to guide and move them throughout their life. The New Living Translation references the malleability of a child as “an arrow in a warriors hands.” It’s our job to shape and equip our children with the word to help guide them towards a flourishing relationship with Jesus.

Yet, probably one of the hardest days for a shipwright is when they have to send the boat to sea. A ship they have worked so hard to craft now enters out onto the open seas alone. The same is surely true for parents. Let your ship sail with confidence knowing they were brought up in a godly home. And have been equipped with biblical truth!

Is your home being built on the rock of Jesus Christ? How are you equipping the next generation, as a parent or not, with biblical principles?

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