September 5: See

Read Joshua 6:1-21

Today we catch up with Joshua and the Israelites just after they’ve crossed the mighty Jordan River, at flood stage. And here they camp, poised and ready to conquer the Land of Promise in the name of Almighty God —  the God who had led them to this very place.

The Bible doesn’t say much about how long they had been in this particular camping spot. We know, though, that the last time we saw Joshua, he was facedown in the presence of Holy God (Joshua 5:13-16).  It was the perfect place to begin a conquest. And throughout the book of Joshua, we learn that he held this stance through every battle — poised at the feet of God Almighty. Joshua knew that there was no way to conquer the land of Canaan but by God’s hand. His plan. His way.

And this is where we find God passing on His objective for the first battle. He was letting Joshua in on His plan to take Jericho. His orders begin with just one word.

“See . . .” (Joshua 6:2).

God called Joshua to nothing less than pure and unadulterated faith — the faith that’s been defined for us in Hebrews 11.

“Now faith is . . . being certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

Before a toe touched ground on that just-outside-Jericho dirt, Joshua had to see what God considered already done.

“See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands . . .” (Joshua 6:2).

By God’s standards, the battle was over. Jericho had already fallen. And His standards are really the only ones that matter.

Now it was time to put feet to their faith. Joshua had to use faith-eyes in order to lead the Israelites to the sure victory that was theirs to claim. He had to see what God said and believe it for truth. It was a faith-walk like none other, one that marched Joshua and the people of Israel around Jericho and straight into the Hall of Faith. The amazing battle of Jericho was complete with the strike of God’s Word before the Israelites even had a chance to attack.

The same holds true for us today. The battle is won. Jesus died so we could live. The end.

Just like Joshua, you and I are called to see that truth and live according to it. Will you live with faith-eyes today and choose to see the truth God has proclaimed? The battle is won.



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