September 12: Given to God

Read I Samuel 1:1-28; 3:1-21

All that Samuel did by faith begins here — at the temple of God in Shiloh.

A woman’s desparate plea for a son followed by a promise to give him to God once she gets him.

While Hannah is not mentioned in Hebrews 11, her faith played a crucial role in Samuel’s faith living. The kind that got him an exhibit here in the first place. So today we look at the faith of Samuel through the filter of his beginnings.

Given over to God before his conception, we might be tempted to think Hannah’s faith was what saved Samuel. But the Word of God is clear. It is with our own mouths that we must confess Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives — not the mouths of our parents.

Samuel could have chosen a different way. In reality, he could have run away from the temple and refused Eli as his guardian. Later on, when God called him into His service, Samuel could have chosen to turn a deaf ear. But he didn’t.

When Hannah took Samuel to his new home at the temple of the Lord at Shiloh, she brought along a fellowship offering. She faithfully gave both the offering of a bull and the fulfillment of her vow to the Lord. In faith, she gave so that in faith he would live.

Hannah did everything in her power to ensure that her son would walk in faith for all of his life. Afterall, she vowed that, “For his whole life he (would) be given over to the Lord” (1 Sam. 1:28).

Still, the fact remains that Samuel would one day have to make the choice for himself. With her faith-filled prayer, her radical hope-filled promise, Hannah prepared the way for her son’s faith. But when God called Samuel into His service, she was nowhere near his side. Neither was Eli, his guardian. It was just God calling Samuel straight up. And Samuel had a choice to make. By faith.

While Hannah’s faith did not ensure her son’s, it certainly impacted him greatly. He could have become bitter. He could have turned his back on the God who had accepted his abandonment as a gift. I have to believe, though, that Hannah’s praise-filled, faith-filled sacrifice opened the way for the faith-filled life that Samuel led. Its forces ,e to ask some questions.

Questions like: Am I doing all that I can to prepare the way for my children to live faith-filled lives? Have I given them over to God and truly trusted Him with not just my kids, but with what I hold most dear?

Maybe you have the same questions for yourself. Why not take a few minutes and think them through. Then ask God to strengthen your faith so you might help strengthen your children.


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