October 16: Family Reunion

Read Zechariah 10:1-12

“It is so good to see you!”

“Timmy, is that you? I can’t believe how much you have grown!”

“How was your year?”

“I can’t wait to eat some of Aunt Sarah’s gooseberry pie!”

“I’m stuffed!”

“Are you going to play in the generational softball game this afternoon?”

Those are just a few of the lines you might hear at a good ole’ family reunion. Those are good times. It is true, some of the family members are a bit eccentric. Still, it is great to see them.

They gather from all over the state, country, or even the world in order to descend on one location, spend time together, and eat food . . . too much of it. They have a similar heritage, a common ancestry. Though the tales they swap have grown in incredulity with the passing of time, finding listeners is no problem for they all have a claim in the story. After all, they are family.

Aren’t family gatherings great?

Zechariah depicts that kind of gathering in the last half of the tenth chapter. Jews . . . those with a common lineage traced back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob . . . those with a common faith in the one true God were to be reunited. Although punished through exile and scattered over years, they were to be brought back to their homeland as a testimony to God’s faithfulness and in fulfillment to His promise.

That kind of joyful gathering is a recurring theme of Scripture and experience of God’s people.

  • He restored them to their homeland after more than 400 years in Egypt and the journey of the Exodus.
  • He brought them back in waves after the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles.
  • He restored the Jews to their homeland more recently and miraculously in 1948.
  • He will gather His followers through resurrection and rapture at His return in the air.
  • He will unite His people as He establishes a kingdom where Christ is King and His followers are His subjects for 1000 years.

It is in those last two that we as followers of Christ will participate. Out of a world where we are like foreigners, from a context of adversity and opposition, we too will be gathered to participate in family reunions like none we have experienced. Anticipate it with joy!


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