October 17: At What Price?

Read Zechariah 11:1-17

What is the Savior worth to you? I’m sure you agree that it is impossible to attach a monetary value to Him.

According to 1 Peter 1:18, 19, the value of His blood is greater than that of silver or gold. And in Matthew 13, His Kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a piece of valuable land. It’s like a pearl worthy of all of your.

Following Him caused some to leave fishing nets and families or would have required that others sell all. Surely, His value is infinite. No price is too high, no sacrifice too great.

In this interesting interplay of past, present, and future kings (shepherds) of Israel in today’s reading, Zechariah was eventually invited to play the part of the coming Messiah.  When asked about His wages, the answer given was thirty pieces of silver (v. 12). My guess is you recognize the prophetic New Testament parallel as the price that Judas would accept for betraying Christ into the hands of the soldiers and authorities.

Before we spend a moment on that thought, let’s consider another Old Testament parallel. You see, thirty pieces of silver was the price a slave owner was paid as compensation and settlement if his slave was gored by another person’s ox (Ex. 21:32). Thirty pieces of silver . . . that’s what a slave was worth.

As Jesus was betrayed, then, Judas saw thirty pieces of silver in his own pocket as having greater value than Jesus in His life. Those wanting the Savior dead were willing to pay the going price for an unfortunate slave. How disappointing that people in Christ’s day drew such conclusions.

The value we ascribe to Him is not so easily measured with monetary value. The price tag we attach is less discernible.

Still, it can be observed. It becomes clear in terms of priority and sacrifice. How much priority do you give to worshiping Him? Growing in intimacy with Him? Serving Him? What are you willing/unwilling to sacrifice when it comes to getting together with God’s people? In order to see others come to Him? In order to see His fame grow around the world?

At some point, does the price become high enough that you sell out?


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