October 23: This is Real Hope

Read I Peter 1:1-2:12


I’ve heard the word countless times, and said it many more. Maybe you have, too. “I hope my kids aren’t sick on vacation.” “I hope it snows on Christmas Day.” “I hope you get that job you want.”

Until recently, though, I’ve never really understood it. Faith I sort of get. It’s knowing without seeing; believing, trusting. And peace. That’s the calm inside that stays steady through explosions and crashes and worlds falling apart. But real hope is difficult to grasp.

Hope is expectation. It’s new parents waiting for their child to arrive so they can wrap it all up in a little baby bundle of joy. It’s mapping out a route to the ocean for the family trip. Hope is a college freshman choosing his first semester classes, meeting her roommate for the first time. It’s sending a wedding invitation then saying “I do” to the promise for forever.

But the problem with hope is the unknown. Because sometimes babies are born with problems. Or not at all. And sometimes hurricanes cancel vacations. Sometimes the promise gives way to the struggle, and marriages fall apart.

Sometimes what we hope for does not happen at all.

That’s why it’s scary when you find out you’re pregnant and you can’t feel the baby move. It’s why they offer travel insurance. That is why it’s so hard to watch another’s marriage end while hoping yours will stand the test of time.

And it’s why God never told us to just “hope for the best.”

In fact, we have been born into a living hope because of The Living Hope, Jesus Christ.  Our only real hope is that which sets its expectation on what is sure — the truth of new and forever life in Jesus Christ. Our only real hope is to plant our confidence in the promise of God, the One who created life and offers it to all who will believe. The One who makes babies. And oceans. The One who thought up marriage.

God is the only Real Hope that will not fail. And so we cling to Him as such.

We keep our eyes on Him. We seek His way and follow it. We trust Him to keep our marriages alive, to protect our children, to bless our vacations. But we will not hope in these things. We will hope in God alone. Because our only real hope is Him.



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