October 29: Job

Read Job 13:1-28

Have you ever been wronged by God? Perhaps you lost your job and immediately thought to yourself, “Why is this happening? God, why would you allow this to happen?!” Maybe you have gone through complications in your marriage, “God, I thought you told me this was the person for me!” Maybe even you are having health complications and you just wish that the One who the Bible calls “Healer” would make Himself present in your life.

If anyone had the right to be mad at God, it was Job. Important to the story of Job, however, was the fact that Job came to understand that it isn’t possible to be wronged by God. Through everything that he was going through, he took it upon himself to praise God.

It is insane to read all of what happened to Job. In the span of only a few moments, he lost his wealth, house, family, and his health was deteriorating. If there was ever a moment to feel bad for yourself, we could say that Job was in that position.

In the chapters that follow the tribulation, Job’s friends come together to tell him why they believe all this has happened to him. It doesn’t take much to tell they weren’t exactly hitting the nail on the head. When chapter 13 comes around, Job speaks to his friends and brings about his own perspective.

[Read Job 13:1-28]

What are some of the statements that Job says? “Why do I put myself in jeopardy and take my life in my hands? Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him”, “Indeed, this will turn out for my deliverance.” We can see the experienced pain coming through His words. Through it all, while he could have complained and cursed God, he chose to praise God.

I’m not going to pretend to know everything of what you are going through. We all have baggage that we carry around. We all struggle with sin. We all have those moments where we feel life collapsing around us. Here is a guarantee: As a follower of Christ, like may get real difficult, but it will never collapse. Just as Job voiced, we have hope in God to get us through any troubles that we face. Not only do we get through, but He is still worthy of our praise.

What are you currently going through? Does it seem to be too much to handle? In what ways can you give it up to God? How can you glorify Him in the midst of it all?