November 4: Safe or Faith

Read Mark 5:21-34

Do you have a routine? My morning routine is the same just about every morning of the week. Wake up about 10 minutes later than I should have, taking about five minutes too long in the shower, and then rushing to get to class while eating a container of light yogurt. Trust me, it makes for quite the morning!

Routines make life predictable. But when things happen out of routine, things get a little tricky. Maybe it’s your tire popping on the way to work, your kid gets sick, or you hit a wall of traffic. But maybe it’s something more serious like a disheartening diagnosis, financial issues, or a divorce. We can try all we want to fit life into little boxes and create routines, but eventually things are going to get messy.

Today as we pick up Mark chapter five we see the story of woman who’s life had been  a mess for 12 years. For over a decade this woman had suffered from constant bleeding. She had been all over the region, town after town, visiting countless doctors, and, just like today, medical care wasn’t cheap. Verse 26 says that she had spent everything she owned in search of a solution. But nothing seemed to work, in fact it was only getting worse.

Then she heard about this man named Jesus. She had heard of the miracles he had performed, and the people he had healed. So it only made sense to her that, when this Jesus came to her town, she was going to touch him and attempt to be healed. And that’s exactly what she did.

Wait! What? She touched Jesus and expected to be healed?


That’s the beauty of this story. By any logical view reaching out and touching someone isn’t going to heal you. But this woman…she had faith! She believed that the power of Jesus was strong enough to heal her. She had come to her wits end, she had tried everything else, she had done what the world said to do, but by one act of faith, she had been healed! Isn’t that amazing?

I hate to break it to you but life is full of unknowns. Every day we are presented with the decision to pursue God’s best for our life. It’s up to us to decide whether we are going to reach out and grab onto Jesus. So what are you going to do? Have faith or be safe?


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