November 5: Real Hope for a Blind Man

Read Mark 10:46-52

Since first grade I have needed some sort of visual aid to help me see. I’ll never forget the fear I had as a little kid when my Mom told me she thought I needed glasses. Once I had the glasses on, though, I realized just how much better they helped me see. I was so excited! For the first time in my life I could see road signs and billboards. I no longer needed  to hold books right up in my face. It was awesome!

Doesn’t life work this way? All too often things can seem blurry or out of focus, or worse yet it might feel like we can’t see what’s ahead of us at all. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were glasses for life? A pair of lenses to help us see our struggles and trials more clearly? Maybe a set of contacts that would reveal whether we’ll make it through college, or if our marriage is going to last? Yes it would be nice. Unfortunately, such life- mending glasses do not exist. Or do they?

Today our reading is in the book of Mark, chapter 10. Within these verseus lies the key that will unlock our glasses for of life.

Jesus was travelling when he came across a man named of Bartimaeus, a blind man. He was 100% legally blind. But he had heard of this man named Jesus; the one who claimed to be God and who performed great miracles. So by faith Bartimeus called out to Jesus as he passed by. He begged Jesus to allow him to see.

Bartimaeus knew his only real hope was Jesus Christ.

People thought he was crazy and told him to be quiet. Yet, Bartimeus didn’t stop! He kept shouting. He kept crying, and Bartimaeus kept his believing faith that the only way he would be able to see was through the love and grace of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh! And it was by his faith.

Maybe this is your story today. Maybe you want to see life more clearly, but you have allowed society to tell you where to put your faith. If that’s you, today is your day. Jesus is here, and if you put your faith in Him, He is ready to do a miracle in you! You can count on it because He is your only real hope too.


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