November 8: Why Do You Do What You Do

Read Luke 5:18-26 and Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

Why do you do what you do?” It’s a question Joe the Janitor asks of a high school basketball coach in the book Lead for God’s Sake. It is a question for all of us.

Throughout the Gospel of Luke we find reminders that Jesus had the power to heal such diseases.

We see one such reminder in Luke 5. A paralyzed man and his friends hoped for a miracle. This man’s friends brought him to Jesus to be healed. There were so many people in the house where He was, though, they had to make another plan. So they went up on the roof and lowered him in through the ceiling tiles right in the middle of the crowd. Right in front of Jesus. And it worked. Jesus forgave their sins and then healed this paralyzed man. The man who had no control over his movement found healing from Jesus Christ, the only real hope. The Son of God healed a hopeful man. 

But what about the selfless guys who brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus? They needed hope too. These men had to be persistent and focused. They possessed real hope in Jesus, the hope that He could give their friend what he needed.

Some miracles in life are not as obvious as they are in this parable. Many different examples exist. An alcoholic finds hope in Jesus who gives her strength to recover. A life changes from evil to good. A broken relationship is healed. A person prayerfully decides to donate a vital organ to someone in need. The miracle of those who step up and hope on behalf of another is no small matter.

Doesn’t that speak to us today? Are we persistent and focused on the real hope that Jesus brings as we lead and serve? God may or may not use what we do for something remarkable. Still, our real hope can lead to the hope or encouragement of another person.

We can’t let unexpected setbacks distract us. These friends didn’t let a crowd take their focus or steal their hope. We must stay persistent, focused and full of real hope that we can make a difference for God’s kingdom.

Why do YOU do what you do?


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