November 10: Jairus

Read Luke 8:40-56

I was raised in a Christian household. I have always been told there is nothing God cannot do. Sure, when I was little that was easy to believe. However when you grow up and get a few years of life under your belt, you come to realize that truth isn’t the easiest to believe. You come to encounter different events in your life that you deem as impossible situations.

It could be yourself needing to get through a very difficult time of life. You may have so much on your plate at one time that you don’t believe you will ever experience peace again. Maybe there is someone that is very close to you that is choosing to live a life apart from God. There is nothing you would rather see in this world than that person choosing to give up control of their lives and following God.

The people around the time of Jesus were no strangers for seeing the impossible done in their lives. Jesus had a track record for turning water into wine, healing people with the touch of his hands or the sound of his voice. People were so caught back through all of this because it wasn’t anything they had ever seen before.

Luke 8 contains a similar story. Jesus and His disciples had just returned to Capernaum from ministry elsewhere. The people were overjoyed to see Him back in their region. As people were pressing in around Jesus, a man named Jairus approached Jesus and asked to come to his house and heal his daughter who was dying. Now Jairus was an official of the synagogue. These were traditionally people who did not like Jesus or agree with His teachings and miracles. Soon after, a worker from Jairus’ house comes and informs him that his daughter had died.

There is no saying how traumatic this experience must have been for Jairus. Jesus then says something shocking, “Believe.” Jesus was telling Jairus that if he were to believe in Jesus’ provision for him, his daughter would be made well. As Jesus entered into the house, he cast out the people. They began to laugh at him because the daughter was very much dead, there was no way she could be raised. However, the simple words, “Child, arise” from Jesus was enough to raise the girl to life, to the amazement of the people around.

I have found that it is better not to doubt the power of God. It doesn’t matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in, if we have faith in the provision of God, He will offer hope of deliverance. No matter how impossible the feat, God can get you through the storm and He can soften any heart.

Will you believe?


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