December 10: Everlasting Father, The Christ of Christmas

Read Nehemiah 9:1-38

“And he will be called . . . Everlasting Father . . .” (Is. 9:6).

Jesus made clear that “(He) and the Father are one” (Jn. 10:30). In fact, He even went so far as to say that those who had seen the Son had “seen the Father” (Jn. 14:9). Those realities challenge my cognitive skills. Although I cannot fully grasp it, I embrace both the unity of God and the fact that He is three persons. (See Dt. 6:4 and Mt. 28:19.)

Jesus the Son is a mirror image of His Everlasting Father. If you separate those two words, you can draw some important conclusions. From “everlasting,” we realize that He has neither beginning nor end. He is eternal. As we consider “Father,” we understand that He is one who has children. In fact, He adopts all who receive Him as the perfect sacrifice and resurrected Savior. (See Jn. 1:12.) “Eternal one” and “one with children” are the simple definitions from those individual words.

When we unite the words, though, something powerful results. It’s something that Nehemiah 9 illustrates for us. As “Everlasting Father”, He never gives up on His children. Trace that through the prayer of the Levites from today’s reading.

  • He created the earth.
  • He chose Abram.
  • He rescued His children from Egypt.
  • He did not forsake them in the wilderness — even though they obstinately built a calf.
  • He gave them the Land of Promise.
  • He did not make an end of them or forsake them . . . even though they had forsaken Him.

In short, He had dealt faithfully, even though His people had acted wickedly. (See v. 33.) He had been an Everlasting Father who had never given up on His children. Yes, at times He had responded with tough love. To be sure, He didn’t shield them completely from adversity or withhold punishment. But, He had been there for them, throughout the generations.

That is the way that Jesus relates to His followers today. As Everlasting Father, He never abandons you. He never gives up on you. He never washes His hands of you. He always loves, and, at every turn, He has your best interests in mind.

Pause and savor those realities today.


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