January 9: Where Rebellion Began

Read Judges 2

“And there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work that he had done for Israel” (v10).

When we lose our focus, we lose our way.

That’s exactly what happened after Joshua died. Joshua’s generation failed to pass on the focus of their victory. The God-is-our-salvation theme of the Joshua-era Israelites.

The Joshua generation had witnessed God’s active role as He cleared out the Promised Land and delivered them into it. These people had personally participated in each victory victory God handed them.

Still, somehow they had failed to pass on to their children the crucial focus God had given them when He raised up Joshua to lead them into Canaan. When He led them into the battles He fought on their behalf.

Make no mistake, God had thought ahead. He’d planned for the next generation. He’d even kept some of the nations around so He could teach them how to fight His way. How to rely on Him for battle. How to conquer Canaan in the power of God.

It’s a poignant thought, really. The fact that Joshua, the amazing hero of faith, was just one generation from apostasy and rebellion. No more poignant, however, than the realization that you and I are in the same boat. If we fail to pass on that focus, if we don’t keep God’s active role in our own lives at the forefront of our family lives, our bedtime discussions, our dinner time activities, our kids will have no focus.

Our kids will lose their way.

They’ll begin a cycle of their own. Just like the Israelites whose history leads us straight through Judges and the cycle of rebellion, abandon, pain, repentance, deliverance and straight back to rebellion again.

We must keep that from happening. We need to let our kids in on the role God plays in our own lives. We are called to tell them about the works we’ve seen Him do, the ways we’ve seen God’s hand move, the whispers of wisdom His Spirit has given.

Are we trusting God with their training? Letting Him teach them how to rely on Him for battle? Or are we thinking we’re protecting them by fighting their battles for them? Keeping them off the battleground altogether?

When it comes down to it, we have a solemn responsibility to teach our children, and the next generation, how to look for God’s hand and trust in His salvation alone.


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