January 11: God’s Battle, God’s Victory

Read Judges 4

It’s hard to read about Barak and Deborah and not get distracted by Barak’s insecurity. His failure to take the bull by the horns, trust Almighty God at His Word, and go get Sisera.

But lets look at it differently today. Lets take some time instead to think about how God used Barak, even in his insecurity.

Although he wavered at the call to go to battle, relying on Deborah more than he should have, Barak still went to battle. Even after he learned that he would forfeit the glory that could have been his, Barak obeyed. He went to battle, fully aware that he would not get the glory for the victory that was sure to be theirs.

“Nevertheless, the road on which you are going will not lead to your glory . . .” (v9).

I read the account and get the feeling Barak didn’t miss a beat. Yep. Okay. Just please, please come with me, Deborah. I can almost hear him tell her. This is not about me.

So Barak went to battle. The fact that a woman would receive the glory he would’ve gotten did not cause him to waver in his answer to the call.

I have to wonder if both he and Deborah figured she would be the woman.

In the end the victory would be chalked up to Jael. An altogether different woman, of whom we’ve not read before now. A housewife whose courage would seize the opportunity God literally laid in front of her.

God used Barak’s faith, and Deborah’s leading, to bring Israel to victory. No regrets for not getting the glory. It’s was God’s victory anyway. After all, that’s what the battle was all about.

It had been God’s all along. Both Barak and Deborah knew that full well.

How many times have you or I forgotten it, though? How often do we lose our focus and forget the battle we’re actually fighting is God’s?

It’s not about our own glory, but the victory He grants.


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