January 15: Dear Gideon

Read Judges 8

Dear Gideon,

I just read the story about you in the Bible. Pretty amazing what God did through you!

I have a few questions, though, and I wonder if you might take some time to consider.

First off, I must apologize. I’ve known your story, felt your fear, seen the amazement that God worked through those 300 men when you conquered the Midianites. And, although I am certain I must have read the story of your end before, I honestly don’t remember it.

Today as I read, I’m not sure I understand.

Why did you make an ephod? Did you make it to remind all Israel that asking God was always first thing? Did you gather gold from the Ishmaelites and construct an ephod for your home town to make sure you would never forget that it was God who gave the victory?

That ephod, I read, turned out to be a trap for you and your family. I’m trying to figure out why. Did you forget, in all your trying to remember, that God’s way is always the victory?

I read about the end of your life, Gideon, and in all honesty, it kind of scares me. I mean, you were so careful to know God’s ways in the beginning, so careful to make sure it was Him you were following and not your own pride. But then this.

You fell.

You fell into the snare that you yourself created and the trap of thinking you needed more than one wife.

I totally get it. I find it so easy to slip from total surrender into lazily pretending I trust God’s every move. Just yesterday, in fact, I caught myself second-guessing His truth. The wisdom I had asked Him for about what to eat, how to spend my time. He nudged with His reminding. But I ignored it.

No doubt, Gideon, if you could re-live those last years, after you led the Israelites to victory over Midian, you would change a lot. I imagine you might change your confidence-placement. It seems like maybe you let it slip from Almighty God to something less than complete surrender.

Gideon, thank you for the example. Thank you for reminding me to keep my focus and my surrender totally on Almighty God.

Thank you for letting God use you even then. To remind me. To keep me focused.




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